Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Hate

Okay, so here comes the obligatory Valentine's Day post. And apparently hating Valentine's Day is becoming more common (and more annoying to people) then actually enjoying the day.

As you can probably tell by the title, I'm a hater. I've always hated Valentine's Day as my mother constantly tells me every time I say that. When you were little you spent hours analyzing those pre-printed boxed cards because everyone in class had to get one. You didn't want to send the wrong message to your crush or the creepy kid who sits behind you and always smells your hair. And then after your teacher had you walk around the room and place them all into the paper bags on everyone's desk you would frantically search for the meaning behind the ones given to you. Then eat enough of those red lollipops with the white writing (BEST cherry flavor EVER), candy hearts, and chocolate to kill a small elephant.

But I think most of my hatred is because most of my February 14th's were spent Valentine's less, thus making me feel pretty shitty about myself. Am I bitter? Absolutely. Even now with a husband I'm still bitter from those that have passed with me, alone, in the corner of my bed, crying over my chocolate, listening to sappy love songs on repeat and wondering why I was alone. Have I had some good ones, sure. But I'm pretty sure that in my 26 years, I can only count them on one hand.

In my opinion, any 'holiday' that makes an individual feel bad about themselves as a person is unacceptable. Who says you need to be with someone in order to be happy? Some of the best times in my life were when I was single (sorry dear) because I got to grow and learn about myself. Be who I want to be, do what I want to do. Find out what I like and don't like. Experience new things and have lots of adventures with my girl friends. Valentine's Day seems like just a pressurized holiday to be anything but alone. But I truly don't understand what's so wrong with that. Yes, let's make a holiday where men feel pressure to buy expensive gifts, women feel entitled to expect big, sparkly gifts, and all the singles feel like they're scum of the earth because they have no one to celebrate it with. No thank you.

Sure, you say, the married girl bitches about how lame Valentine's Day is but she's not spending it alone. I hear the criticisms running through your head, the rolled eyes as you read this because I don't know what I'm talking about. But I do and always have felt this way. To me, it's always been an over commercialized holiday built around making money for card stores/flower shops/jewelry stores/chocolate companies. Oh and probably stuffed animal companies. Let's be real, those are the businesses that make bank on the 14th every. Single. Year.

Also if you propose on Valentine's Day I seriously want to punch you in the face. But that's my opinion on proposing on any holiday/birthday. Not cool man, not cool. Make you're proposal unique and special to you, not piggy backed off an already distinctive day.

So how will I be spending my Valentine's evening? Hubby and I are not celebrating it. I'm going to the gym and getting my ass kicked in kettle bell class.  Mostly because I look forward to February 15th, which is half-off all chocolate day. Guess who will be buying (and consuming) a box of chocolates that day. Priorities people!!

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