Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Oh my god. Shoes. How I have not written about this yet boggles my freaking mind.

Let's talk about shoes. For real. One might say I have a shoe problem. I see it as more of an obsession. Or a statement. My shoes say so much about who I am. I'm fun. I'm funky. I stand out. I like to be noticed. But most of all, I embrace my height.

I am a whopping 5'10". For a female, that's pretty darn tall. And don't even get me started about trying to buy pants long enough (seriously, where do tall women shop?!)  It took me a long time to be comfortable with my height. I always towered over the boys in my class. In kindergarten I had to sit at a special singular desk (think vintage school chair with desk attached) away from the grouped desks because my legs wouldn't fit under the table. I was the only girl; the rest were all boys. I always was the last girl in line when they put us in height order because I was the tallest. Kids would make fun of me. I would point out their "bald spots" to make them insecure because with my height I clearly could see them. (Okay so that was a lie but now that I think about it I totally should have). I wished I was a "normal" height. But alas, I kept growing.

I don't think I got comfortable with my height until almost the end of high school (coincidentally, boys actually started to get taller then me, but I still towered the girls). I believe that's when the shoe obession began. I realized that no matter how many times someone said to me "Why do you wear such high shoes, you're already so tall?", I needed to stop caring about their opinion. It didn't matter what they thought. It's about what I like. So what if I'm 6'2" in the ridiculous snake printed stilletos I'm wearing? I'm okay with it. If you're not, tough luck. College was much of the same thing. "You're so tall you don't need to wear heels that high". I know I don't need to, I want to. If I like a pair of shoes, I'm buying them whether they have a 1-inch heel or a 5-inch heel. I'm not going to change my fashion sense just because the shoes I like make me over 6 foot tall.

Just some of my eclectic shoe collection
Photo credit DSW, since that's my shop of choice
I've become kind of a shoe-icon at work.  The other girls (and my grand mom, God bless her) are always waiting for me to come in to see what shoes I'll be wearing next. I just find that there's something so innately sexy about a great pair of high heel shoes. They make you feel more attractive when you've got them on. They boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself. I can't remember anytime that I've ever tried on a pair of heels and felt bad about myself. Clothing is another story, but shoes for whatever reason only make me feel good about how I look, never bad. Unless they're just ugly shoes, then I don't buy them.

Nick keeps joking that when we get a house we're going to need a separate closet just for my shoes. I know he says it jokingly, but it's probably more of a reality then fiction. I've got boots in every color that hug my calves or can easily fit over my pants, stilletoes that add 4" to my frame ranging from snake print to black with red flames and silver studs. I have zebra printed with purple accented heels and flower, and then of course my classic work pumps. But even those come in an obnoxious red color. My summer peep-toe pumps are ready to go and just pushed my winter boots to the side of the closet.

I've gotten used to the stares and leg jokes. It's almost like my height makes me some amalgam of a person. Nicknames included legs, stork, stretch. But guess what, I can see clear over everyone's head. Concerts, long lines, museum tours. I get noticed at the bar because who wouldn't notice the girl who's taller then average and holding a $20 bill to get your attention. Of course, a push up bra doesn't hurt either (just saying!) I still to this day get told "oh my gosh your so tall, and those shoes!" Yes I am, but if you really want to see tall, go stand next to any college women's basketball team. They even dwarf me, and that my friends, is not a bad thing.

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