Monday, April 2, 2012

Delicate Balance

I had the pleasure of running the Phillies 5K again this year, and since my best friend Colleen has moved into the lovely city of Philadelphia, I spent the rest of the day with her.

We reached our second bar in her neighborhood and by our 3rd (5th?) celebratory round of drinks for the day, were commenting on the music selection of the patrons, which was apparently better then most times they visit. And then a slow song came on which made Colleen pop the question, "When was the last time you slow danced?"

I of course snarkily replied two years ago at my wedding. Well that's a gimme, obviously. But what about before that? Long pause. Senior Prom? Jenn and JD's wedding in 2005? John and Michelle's wedding just a few months before mine? I honestly couldn't tell you.

Which had us discussing the act of slow dancing. In grade school it was probably the most dreaded part of any school dance. You either felt bad about yourself if you had no one to dance with or could care less and were terrified of who might ask you to dance. Most of my slow dances were awkward arms length apart with sweaty palms on under-developed hips. We went to Catholic School so we needed to leave room for the Holy Spirit. But then when do you do it once your an adult? The only time that comes to my mind is weddings or big formal dinners. Or are there places where they will slow down the music once and awhile that I just don't know about?

Colleen put it elegantly in that to slow dance is to "take a second and just enjoy being with the person you with. There's something much more intense about slow dancing. It's the closest most intimate contact you will have with the lights on." Which is true; it can be a very sensual moment. We spend so much time going to clubs and fist pumping to "Shots, Shots, Shots" that when have we taken the time to slow down and really enjoy who we are with and not just grinding into each other? A quick peck on the cheek, your warm breath tickling each other's necks . Holding hands and hips and swaying closely to the rhythm of the music. A dip here; a twirl there. In this fast paced and rushed society, slowing down and truly soaking up the moment seems like a nice reprieve.

It's interesting to think too, as "you can have (a slow dance) with a total stranger or the love of your life" Colleen pointed out.  I mean how amazing is that scene in 'Scent of a Woman' when Al Pacino tangos with the lovely young lady at lunch? Strangers, but still they share such a connection just from dancing. And the romantic slow dance sequences are in so many movies all the time! Woman in beautiful dress walks down long staircase with dress flowing behind her into arms of handsome man that was gazing at her where they dance cheek to cheek and realize they're in love with each other. We all just want to be princesses dammit.

So I have to say that since this conversation I'm most looking forward to April and Sharbel's wedding on May 12th, as not only am I in it and I absolutely love them, but I'll get to enjoy slow dancing with the love of my life, my husband. If I haven't overdosed on sugar between the Martini Bar and Candy Bar.


  1. I must say, I'm quite flattered. I havw made it into 2 blogs so far....I'm gonna find a way to go for 5! Haha any slow song requests lovebug?

    1. Well I'm sure you'll make it more then 5, benefits of being friends with the writer :o)
      Thanks for asking but I have no requests at this time, just looking forward to a fun-filled evening with all the people I love!