Sunday, May 20, 2012

House Sitting

I had the pleasure of house/dog/pool sitting the last couple days while my parents and brother are in Key West. The biggest responsibility for me this time (besides shoving anti-biotics down by dog's throat) was taking care of the pool. It was opened later then it was supposed to be this week; first scheduled for Tuesday but with all the rain it didn't happen until late in the afternoon on Wednesday. My mom left me specific instructions for how I had to watch the water level and fill it if it gets low, let the filter run and then Friday set up the pins to turn the filter off and on (which by the way seems funny screwing on these tiny little on and off switches to the clock dial in this day in age. Do they make electronic ones or are those just ridiculously expensive?!)

So after filling the pool yesterday a little higher then it needs to be (oops! at least it didn't overflow) I came over this morning to care for the dog and pool. As I had a few gin and tonics last night, I wondered outside this morning with the dog to enjoy the lovely weather and see if any of the pool water had evaporated (as of 11 am it has gone down a got bit so crisis averted!)

I'm looking into the now crystal clear water and by the rope separating the shallow and deep end, and I see a dinner roll bobbing in the shallow end. As I grab the skimmer from off the fence I'm trying to rationalize how a dinner roll got in the pool. Did the crazy neighbors throw it over the fence? Did trash break somewhere and the wind carried it into our yard? (Highly unlikely as we haven't had any dinner parties out there and this roll was nice and fresh. Albeit, soggy.) I scooped the roll out of the pool and threw it over the fence into the empty field behind the house.

I put the skimmer back on the fence posts to rest and as I'm walking back toward the house I notice this black blob in the pool caught on the rope with a little blob next to it. At first I thought they were just leaves as there are many of them currently floating in the pool. Walking over I see it is a bird (dead) and a mouse (also dead) by the rope.

And then it dawns on me; this poor little bird came with his dinner roll and mouse looking for a quiet evening meal, sitting on a rope in some soothing water, and something went horribly wrong. What went wrong I guess I will just never know. But I was impressed that bird having both protein and carbs for the meal, he (she?) just needed some grass and that would have been a perfectly balanced meal.

I grabbed the skimmer again and fished the bird and mouse out (terrified that they would spring to life and attack me, but my imagination tends to lean toward the over dramatic) and tossed them over the fence to join the dinner roll (mystery solved!) I will be sure to inform my mom that lots of chlorine and maybe a shock treatment is due to the pool since I am a bit skeeved out by my findings.

So my Sunday morning started out with fishing a dinner roll, dead mouse and dead bird from my parents swimming pool. Things can only go up from here right?!

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