Saturday, May 12, 2012

Weather Woes

What a crazy bout of weather we've had these past couple months. From going to a pretty non-existant winter with only one snow storm that didn't even require me to break out the shovel (yes!), to an early and surprisingly warm spring that has sent allergy sufferers (myself included) into a sneezing, puffy-eyed, foggy head haze.

Which lead me to think about the weather and how not only is it a topic of conversation whenever there is a lull, but it's one of the things we complain about most. This winter was "too warm" so it didn't kill all of the cold/sickness germs and everyone is now getting ridiculous illnesses. I know of two people, one had pneumonia and the other bronchitis. In April and May, when does that happen? Then early this spring was "too hot" which means it has people complaining because it's "too early" to put on our air conditioning. It's "too sunny" that we haven't gotten enough rain to wash away all the pollen. The past few days have brought rain and now it's been raining for "too long" and we need the sun to dry everything out.

So, if there was a hypothetical perfect weather utopia, would we be satisfied? Or would we still have to complain? If the weather was always the exact most comfortable sunny temperature and it rained always when needed but never too much to be an inconvenience? If then in the winters it got cold enough to feel like winter yet we wouldn't have to deal with 4 feet of snow shutting down every major highway and making life impossible? If spring brought all the flowers to life and the fall rounded our seasons by cooling the weather to transition to winter? Or would we want somewhere that is just warm all the time? Or somewhere that is cold all the time? I'm sure that there would be a different idealistic weather situation for any individual you might meet.

I think that as a society (or just as human beings?) complaining is just what we do. We always want what we don't have. Not only when it comes to weather, but with life in general. I'm no different, there are days (mostly hot, super humid August summer days) that I wish my super dry, think, curly hair was just pin straight and flat as a board so I wouldn't have to deal with the project of reigning in frizzy puffy curls. So I think that even if we were to somehow find this perfect weather utopia it still wouldn't be good enough. Somehow we would tire of the perfection. It would become boring.

Plus I believe we use weather complaints as a way of relating. It doesn't matter if you're talking to someone old or young, tattooed or conservative, rock star or religious clergy, EVERYONE can relate to the weather. It has an affect on all of us and our daily lives. And everyone has an opinion on it. So by breaking the ice with a weather comment, it's easy to find some common ground to engage in conversation which eventually leads to other common topics.

But I must say, the past 2 days have been just perfect for my taste. Not too hot, not too cold, and a lovely breeze to make you stop and notice all the beautiful nature that is around you.

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