Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Teacup Humans

You are NOT the mother (Thanks Maury). Well I might as well put this to rest before the the rumor mill starts because I'm holding a new born in my most recently tagged Facebook photo. No the baby is not mine. I am however, an extremely proud Aunt! Seriously, I don't think 26 makes me nearly old enough to say a phrase like that. I mean I still have one (five) too many margaritas on occasion; how the heck am I old enough to be an Aunt?!

Proud Uncle Nick holding Ava
I had the pleasure of meeting the newest (and a bit early arriving) member of the Bruno family, Ava! Clocking in at a mere 5.8 oz and 18 inches long, she was a little tiny thing to hold, but such a joy to experience, albeit for too short a time as always.

It was my husband Nick's first time holding a newborn. He was so nervous; unsure of how to hold this little creature to be sure to not hurt her and make certain she was getting the best support. It was amazing to watch; this full grown man absolutely puzzled and unnerved at having to hold this newborn baby. He aced it, which gives me hope for when we (eventually) have some of our own.

After him it was my turn to hold Ava. And as I was holding this tiny little life, it reminded me of a quote from True Blood in which Eric Northman refers to children (seriously, stop laughing at me for making this reference and just follow me here). For those of you who watch/are obsessed with the show, I believe it is in Season 3, when Sam brings Darlene's two children (who he is stuck watching for the time being) into Fangtasia to bargain with Eric. After the children ask him about his fangs and proclaim that they are not vampire haters like their late step-father, Eric's trusty assistant and protege Pam comments on how these two children make her glad she never had any. Eric grins and retorts to Pam's comments saying  "They're like humans, but miniature. Teacup humans."

And holding this new little girl, I could totally see how children, no matter what age, are just like tiny humans. Just as teacups are smaller and more breakable forms of cups, this little baby is so tiny and fragile compared to us grown people. Sure, we as adults can still bend and break, but it holding a newborn puts into perspective just how delicate and fresh these little lives are. She has a perfectly clean slate with so many possibilities and so many paths she can take in her life. And it's amazing that we all start out this way.

A sincere CONGRATULATIONS to Brian and Amy on the birth of your first beautiful baby girl Ava. You both will be such amazing parents. I am truly so happy for the both of you, and can't wait to watch this little girl grow up. So, see you again tomorrow? How's that spare room in your house looking? Just kidding, though I am looking forward to seeing you both and that little sweetie again soon! And I'm ready to spoil this little niece of mine, as it's the only way my Aunt's ever treated me, and I learned from the best!

Aunt Natalie reveling the newest addition
to the family!
So you are probably thinking, does this means your biological clock is ticking faster now that you've held your sweet little newborn niece and felt the urge to blog about her? Oh silly reader, no, I'm still firmly convinced that my biological clock needs new batteries, or is possibly broken entirely. Or maybe it just needs a longer time to charge and get over the fear of having the ginormous responsibility to take care of a fragile little life. One day though I'm sure I'll be ready to have one of these teacup humans for myself.

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