Monday, August 27, 2012

0:3 from Pin to Project

My husband has started to question all of my motives. "Why are you buying red potatoes?" "What are the green peppers for?" "Why won't you tell me what you're making for dinner?"

His underlying questions: "DID YOU FIND THIS ON PINTEREST?!"

Ah yes, Pinterest. I'm 0 for 3 in the projects I've tried to undertake. Since we are in the process of purchasing a home (yes purchasing. FINALLY I know all 3 of you faithful readers are saying), I have come to realize we are going to have zero dollars after paying our mortgage each month. An exaggeration, I know, but it will mean eating (and drinking) out a lot less frequently then we are right now.

So I, the amazing (soon to be sort-of) house wife have been dutifully searching Pinterest for easy, healthy, low cost recipes that I can make (after working an 8 hour and now commute filled day) in my new spacious kitchen. Never mind that I've only pinned mostly ah-may-zing desserts to make; that's besides the point.

Plus, we want to leave our townhouse in tip-top shape to ensure the return of our security deposit (cha-ching, won't be totally broke) so I've also been searching for home cleaning remedies.
Looks can be deceiving...

I've already told you about the Detox from Pinterest I tried and only made it to day three before I had the allergic reaction to the dandelion root (Pin fail #1). No biggie, I thought, you can't predict what you'll be allergic to.

My second trial wasn't so much a Pin as it was a email of a Pin from a blog I follow. The receipe was for green peppers stuffed with ground beef, Spanish rice, Greek yogurt, corn, and low fat cheese. Healthy and delicious I thought. So I made them. They were not great. For one, it's so much pepper! I mean, I love green pepper, but you're literally eating an entire pepper stuffed with goodness. The second was that it was way to sweet for a dinner. I like spicy. Between the Greek Yogurt and the corn, it was much to sweet for my tastebuds. Nick was not a huge fan either. Pinterest fail number two.

My final and most recent Pin happened just this past weekend. I'm sparing you photos because I don't want you to judge the ring in my bathroom tub even though we clean the bathroom EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. This Pin just called for white vinegar and dish soap sprayed to the bathtub, and voila! Ring is gone. Besides smelling like my 3rd grade science fair project (you know the one where you put the vinegar and baking soda together and made an exploding volcano. I should have just done that it would have been more fun), it didn't freaking work. I even let it sit for a whole hour! It didn't even put a dent in that ring. In fact it just made weird drippy lines from the spray bottle I used. And my shower now smells of vinegar and the apple scented Dawn soap I used.

I believe Nick's exact quote after the third failure was "Yes, because Pinterest is such a reliable site". Am I giving up on Pinterest? Nope. In fact, I found an adorable hairstyle photos of how I want to have my hair cut short (by a professional of course) after my friend April's wedding in October. WHAT COULD GO WRONG?!

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