Friday, October 5, 2012

We bought a house!

So Nick and I fiiiinally bought a home. And I have to say the month and a half from when we put our offer in and closed on the home everything went pretty smoothly. Our inspections found no problems. The sellers were easy to work with. Our mortgage lender made our entire loan process simple and painless. Even at closing signing our life away wasn't nearly as bad as I had envisioned it to be.

We left closing elated and terrified, but who wouldn't be? Nick and I stopped by our old apartment as we were taking the weekend to move out. We loaded up what spare boxes we could in our cars. My dad was meeting us at the house with the packed moving van in a couple hours, giving us a chance to get in there and give the place a good rub down (that's what she said).

We pull into the driveway, run up to the front door, unlock the door knob, move onto the deadbolt...aaaand the deadbolt doesn't move. Mind you, we were just handed the key that unlocked this same door and deadbolt for our final walk through merely hours before. Nothing. Not even a little budge. And the side door in the garage, that's locked as well with no key for us to even attempt to open it. We are locked out of our brand new home.

I had visions of breaking a window. Is it really breaking and entering if you've only owned the home officially for about an hour? Luckily cooler heads prevailed and my dad had a locksmith meet us at the home. He graciously broke us into the garage side door and proceeded to inform us that we were in fact not crazy (a doctor's ruling is still out on that). The front door deadbolt had jammed due to it's placement and the humidity. He fixed the deadbolt and re-keyed all the locks while he was there. Sure we were planning on re-keying the home eventually just not the first day we moved in.

Some other things I learned through this whole moving weekend:
- Keep all food/coffee/water bottles/cups on top and easily accessible.  I had no water to offer this poor locksmith as I had no glasses to put it in.  I also had no water bottles handy as Nick and I never use them. I'm now keeping a packet of water bottles in my garage and if nothing else some spare bottles in my fridge as well. Learn from my mistakes.
- toilet paper holders are not that easy to put on the walls. I opened the package and immediately put it back on the shelf for Nick to handle at a later date.
- don't keep a running list of things you need in your home as an electronic note file. You will accidentally delete the whole list in the middle of Lowe's and almost immediately have a nervous breakdown. PAPER AND PEN IS STILL YOUR FRIEND.

So ta-da! We are officially home owners and I'm officially freaking out and I'm sure everything will be just fine right? RIGHT?! (this is where you lie to me and tell me it will all be oooooo-kay)

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