Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: Post Script

We made it out alive with neither flooding nor damage to our home.
I'm counting my blessings because I know many were not that lucky.

First of all, anyone who says this storm was 'over-hyped' is an idiot. I invite you to come spend a day in my office taking insurance claims from people who are dealing with losing it ALL. Then please come tell me how 'over-hyped' this storm was as you have people unsure of where to go and what to do next.

Still think it was over-hyped? I then invite you look at storm photos from any of the shore towns down here. Atlantic City. Margate. Ventnor. Ocean City, where I spent every summer of my life since I was born, all those familiar streets are filled with water. The condo my grandparents own is thankfully on the top floor and unscathed. But the building itself still has 3 feet of water in the lobby and parking garage. And that's only a handful from here in South Jersey. All the coastal towns in New Jersey are practically underwater. Look at those powerful images of the ocean breaching the sea walls, dunes, and ocean meeting the bay. And New York? My heart is simply breaking for you. Please tell me that's over-hyped.

Of course a big thank you to all the emergency management people who risked their lives to keep working in the storm and keep all of us safe. And for saving all those who didn't get out when they should have. I was watching in awe of your Facebook updates as you left your family to go help others. No one deserves bigger thank you's then yourselves since you constantly are putting others before yourself.

I think we learned from Irene. We were better prepared for this storm. And personally I'd rather be over prepared then under prepared. As I mentioned in my last post my parents ran drains from our gutters and a pool hose from our sump pump. During the storm if our sump pump ran every half hour that was a lot. We were lucky. But I don't regret one change I made to my home. I wanted to be ready. And we were. And we will be for the next time. I'm just hoping to have a battery backup installed on the sump pump before the next major storm.

Overall we're fine. No water in the basement, no windows or home damage. Our biggest worry is how to clean up all the pine needles in our backyard. I'm keeping everyone who's still trying to get through the damage in my thoughts and prayers and our office will be taking claims and helping our clients for as long as it takes.

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