Thursday, December 13, 2012

I have a blog...?

Dusting off the old bloggaroo because apparently people actually read this and are concerned with my lack of updates (Hi Kristen!)

From closing our house in September I knew I had a hell of a schedule (ie: working 5 days a week and having something to do every weekend) and just had a goal to make it to Thanksgiving without being checked into Ancora Hospital. Adding fuel to the fire Sandy hit as I was still only a month into my two month hell. Between being completely wiped out taking claims all day at work and running around in my own personal life, I totally slacked.

But as I was going through the notes I constantly write for myself on my phone (ie: it's Christmas and I have a zillion books I want so I was trying to compile a singular list from my many lists so my husband wouldn't get me coal), I realized I had enough clarity in the hectic time to jot down all these fantastic ideas for posts. Of course, it would help if I checked my phone notes more often so I realize I actually have all these great ideas (note to self: check notes more often).

My goal for the next twelve days of Christmas is to write a blog a day to make up for all the written silence and catch up on some of the events/musings of the past two months.

You're welcome in advance.

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