Sunday, January 27, 2013

I have some good news...

I've decided anytime I need to use the phrase "I have some good news" I must be actively drinking some sort of alcohol so the response stops being "You're pregnant?!" Which will make working extremely difficult as I'm pretty sure they frown on drinking in the work place. (I swear it's vodka...I mean water. It's water, right).

I mean babies are adorable and I will be having them sometime in the future, but I need a small responsibility right now like a dog. Because I drop my iPhone A LOT and I'm pretty sure that they don't appreciate parents dropping babies. Just saying.

Besides a lot of good things can happen to me besides being pregnant that I often wonder how it escalates to that assumption so quickly. Okay I mean I understand WHY people just automatically jump to that assumption that but still, I could have won the lottery.

In fact, I hope I win the lottery. And when I say to people that "I have some good news" and they automatically respond with "you're pregnant" I'll say no, I just won the lottery, and I was going to give you a cut, but since you think that the only good thing that can happen to me is that I'm pregnant, NO LOTTERY MONEY FOR YOU.

Okay, okay I'm done my rant because we actually do have some good news (you can't see, but for the record I'm drinking a glass of wine as I'm typing this). We're going to be parents....puppy parents!

Meet Homer, our newest addition to the family come next week. It was all a quick turnaround and not at all what Nick and I expected (better, in fact), but everything happens for a reason and we couldn't be more thrilled.

Nick and I had been talking about adopting a dog for months now. I'd constantly be checking, stalking the Pet Smart website about training courses, and always checking Eleventh Hour Rescue at the recommendation of a good friend of mine.

I was looking into pros and cons of puppy insurance, cost to feed, train, vet, and overall own a dog. I was tweeting anyone and everyone I know because my brain is awesome and I over think EVERYTHING.

It all started out quite innocently yesterday when I found this little guy online, and sent an email to request an application. I truly did not expect to be getting a dog this suddenly. As this is our first time adopting a dog I was figuring it would be a couple weeks to month process.

I heard from the lovely foster parent within a couple hours, had our application in, and within the half hour she was calling me back asking to set up a time for us to meet the dog because our references checked out (HUMONGOUS THANK YOU to Colleen, April and Bobbi Jene. Seriously, I owe you guys big time for not telling them about the meth lab in our basement. I mean... :)

We met him this morning and absolutely fell in love. He's a bit shy but watching him with the other dogs in the household he is such a puppy when he wants to play. The foster parent is such a sweet heart and had nothing but honest answers to all of our questions about this puppy. We should be picking him up next weekend after maxing out our credit cards at Pet Smart or Pet Co to get all the supplies and food we will need.

So I'm super excited and super nervous to say the least. I'm still working out nuances like apparently you have to 'register' your dog with the township if their over 6 months of age. But if it's after March 31st there's a late fee involved according to the website. But what if my dog isn't six months old until June do I still have to pay the fee? I told you, my brain is an awesome place to be. This township clerk is going to LOVE me and all the phone calls I'm about to make to tomorrow.

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