Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Less then a day...

Homer comes home tomorrow!
Oh my gosh! In under 24 hours we will have a new puppy in the house. Homer's amazing foster mom Jenn has been posting so many photos of our new little guy on Facebook for us (look at him, he's so snugly!) I'm so nervous. I'm so excited. I'm all what if the puppy hates us? (he won't) What if he cries all night? (he probably will) Do I have enough toys/food/supplies? (Stop it, you're getting ridiculous). Is this the anticipation you expecting parents feel? Probably on a whole different level though I mean you have 9 months to feel this way and I've just been dealing with it for 3 days!

When we got my current dog (Dusty the old man, 14 years old, still going strong but living with my parents), I had no time to think it over. I was begging my parents every single day for a dog (aka my dad with creative printed notes waiting for him on his pillow nightly because at the time I rarely saw him before bedtime due to his schedule). Thinking back he must of loved coming after a long day of meetings to a begging reminder from his 13 year old daughter on his bed, but I digress.

It was a cold rainy day in March and my parents instructed us to get in the car as we were going to pick up a dog. I remember my stomach fluttering with nerves as I exclaimed "WHAT?! WE'RE NOT READY WE DON'T HAVE ANYTHING". Apparently my parents had been plotting behind my back those sly dogs (har har har).

Seriously, look at that face!
I was so nervous as we drove out to the breeder's home and sat there with the mama dog and all her pups. We picked out Dusty (Puddy as he was named there) and he was so tiny that my dad had to carry him in his jacket because it was raining so hard. Dusty cried all the way home. And he cried that first night at our house. But before we knew it he felt safe and loved and became part of our pack.

This time I have had time to prepare for a new puppy if only for a few days instead of minutes. I don't know if it's better or worse. I'm over thinking everything (as usual) and my list for Pet Smart was a mile long (thank god for leftover gift cards from Christmas/my birthday). Thank you to the staff there for your patience and help as we navigated our way through the store and prepared for our little man's arrival.

But I believe in good omens and tomorrow is supposed to be another super rainy day. Which is perfect for us to pick up our newest addition just like we did 14 years ago with Dusty.

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