Thursday, February 28, 2013

Audio Books

Let's start this with my husband surprised me with a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas. I was literally not expecting this present as I still love and regularly use my original Kindle, but was thrilled nonetheless when I received it.

With my new Kindle I keep getting reminder emails that I'm entitled to one free audio book from Audible. Here's my problem with essentially the way my brain operates.

In all my craziness last fall, I had attended this amazing Dynamics of Sales class in Buffalo with one of our insurance companies. The gentleman I sat next to for the duration of class mentions how he really likes audio books and it's his preferred 'reading' method. I was all I don't know because I love reading and the physical HOLDING of a book aka building my own personal library (nerd alert). Reading in the digital format of the Kindle is even a stretch for me.

When really, thanks to these emails and the suggestions of my friend, here's the way my lovely brain operates on how listening to books would go:

Said individual (moi) would be listening to the audio book in car, get pulled over or into a minor accident (just my luck), can't get audio book to shut off at very awkward/inappropriate scene (think 50 Shades, not that I have them on my Kindle so I can look studious but really I'm not), just for officer/ambulance squad/stranger to judge me on my book. Exactly like when you're watching movie/TV alone and when the single sex scene in the ENTIRE show comes on your parents happen to walk in. Awkward, yet hilarious situation would ensue because that is exactly what would happen to me. "License, registration and ma'am please shut off your mommy porn".

Which is kind of how I feel about certain songs on my iPod. Not the fun guilty pleasure ones (aka Spice Girls) but you know, the weird ones that you're like oh gosh I hope my headphones aren't too loud because if anyone knew I was listening to this I'd never hear the end of it. I'm worried that if I'm listening to them and suddenly  have a medical emergency and in the midst of the craziness of strangers trying to help me (because I would be so lucky that people are that kind) the headphones get disconnected and blaring through comes "Sk8r  Boi" from Avril Lavinge. Or the innocent bystanders go to pause my iPod for me and see I'm listening to "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion. And then all these people judge me for my SONG CHOICES.

I think I'll stick with my reading to myself thank you and skipping my weird guilty pleasure songs while in public to avoid all this mess that my imagination conjures up. My brain is such an awesome place to be.

On a side note, puppy classes start tonight. I'm hoping they address how to curb alcoholism in puppies because Homer is obsessed with trying to drink our adult beverages.

I will hunt this beer. 

Looks healthy to me!

Smells delicious!

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