Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I feel pretty...

I stopped  by a local store to get some food for dinner last week and ran into a gentlemen who I used to see quite regularly at the gym. He mentioned he hadn't seen me there lately and I explained how we bought a house out of town so I no longer go to the local Hammonton Gym. He asked where I go now and I replied my basement. Nick and I were fortunate enough to be able to purchase a treadmill for our new home. Plus we already have bikes we got about 3 years ago. I myself bought both a kettlebell and free weight set in order to workout right in the comfort of our home. Other then my running shoes, I don't need much to get in a good workout. Plus it saves money on the gym membership now that we have a mortgage. And a puppy.

Needless to say I've been using our at home mini gym quite regularly. I really can't complain now that I can just roll out of bed, strap on my running shoes and walk the 2 flights of stairs down to the basement to start my routine. There's no more scraping ice off my car at 5:30 am to make it to spin for 6. I get to stay in the warm confines of my home, save some dollars, and get a great sweaty workout in after dealing with my mommy puppy duties.

I used to however be an avid gym person. I'd been going to the same hometown gym for the past 8 years with some regularity. I used to be with there with the other crazies to squeeze a workout in at 6 am before heading to work. My only break from the morning routine was to attend kettle bell class in the evening or in the summer when I tend to run/ride my bike outside in the warm summer sun. Who doesn't love a little fresh air? (Uh me at 4:30 am this morning when Homer has to go outside. It's really cold and frosty at that time of the morning, but I digress).

Now granted, I haven't seen the inside of a gym in months, but before I left I noticed that gym etiquette has just gone out the window. Or maybe I was just noticing it because it's hard to ignore when it's happening right in front of you. Either way, I'm making some sweeping generalizations about my gym pet peeves.

First things first, while I consider myself to be a fashionable and well dressed woman, the gym is not a fashion show for me. I'm not there to make an impression; I'm there to make a change to my body. I throw on my t-shirt and ratty shorts or my sports tank top and stretch capris (praying they don't have any holes), and I get on my cardio machine to sweat my ass off (hopefully literally). When I work out, I'm disgusting. And that's okay, because to me (and as stated so aptly on a pin I saw on Pinterest), if you still look pretty at the end of your workout you didn't work hard enough.

I'm gross. My hair is a hot frizzy mess and my cheeks are a ridiculous blotchy red. But I'm not at the gym to pick up men, besides the obvious fact that I'm already married. So I just can't understand the women who come to the gym at 6 am with the full face of make up and 'sexy' workout clothes. I mean, I'm all for a cute and put together workout outfit but really? I'm lucky if I can find a matching bra and underwear set. Are you that desperate for attention? Apparently.

And then there's the perfume/cologne situation. When I went to the gym in the early morning hours I was lucky if my still half asleep self remembered to put on deodorant  There are men and women at this time of day who have bathed in their perfume/cologne. Honestly! I'm trying to control my breathing not be choked out by your overpowering scent.

Then there's the chatterers. You know, the ones that talk obnoxiously loud to each other in the cardio room or lift one set of weights and put them down to chat for 15 minutes but when you try to use them it's like 'hey wait I'm not done yet!". Oh I'm sorry, I must have missed the memo. I go to the gym to work out not have my social hour. I plug in my head phones to my angry music playlist and block everyone else out. I'm all for normal pleasantries with the people you see every day as long as you keep going through your routine. It's so annoying when people just leave the machines to 'chat' and get all bent out of shape (zing!) when you go to use it.

My favorite thing though was seeing people either talking on their phones on the treadmill or using social media apps. I'm sorry the only 'app' I have open is my iTunes so I can listen to my playlist so I don't die. What is the point of even going to the gym if you're not exerting yourself? If I'm checking Facebook I'd rather be doing it in my big comfy bed not on an elliptical. I realize that not everyone has the discipline or drive that I do, but I suppose I just don't see the point of wasting money away on a gym membership if you're not going to take advantage of all that it has to offer.

So besides saving money I seem to be saving my sanity. I'm most looking forward to the spring so I can start running around all the neighborhoods by our house. And hopefully leash training Homer so I can take him on walks and possibly runs. Okay let's be real, he'll be dragging my ass around the neighborhood.

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