Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Puppy Parenting

Okay parents, you win. Nick and I had jokingly said we would get a puppy to prepare us for the responsibility of (future) children, and this is turning out to be more realistic then a joke.

Now, I realize that puppies and babies are vastly different. I didn't carry Homer in my womb and have to go through the birthing process. Feeding him comes in the form of dog food three times a day and constant water. He sleeps through the night with little interruption. I can put him in a crate and leave him for while I'm at work and I'm not arrested. I'm pretty sure they frown upon putting babies in a crate.

I honestly don't know how you parents do it because I'm almost a week in and pretty sure the lack of sleep is making me delusional. Just this morning I thought Homer had moved up onto a pillow near my face but then could feel him lying next to my legs and was confused as to why/how there were two dogs on the bed. That was until I realized the one near my face was actually just the bunched up blanket. Yeah, you parents are all rock stars for raising kids.

These are the sad puppy eyes that melt my heart
That being said holy cow I forgot how much work a puppy is. Don't get me wrong, I love my little furry child, but man has our schedule/life changed in just this short time. We're keeping track of poop and pee and feeding times. We're scheduling vet appointments. I've been up at 5 am the past 6 days and not to work out. Homer wants to go outside and play in the snow at 11 pm when mommy just wants to go to bed. We've had only two accidents in the time we've gotten him, and one was on newspaper!

Homer wants constant attention. Which is awesome and I love to oblige because my puppy isn't going to be this small forever (now I see what my mom meant when she wished we had stayed 'that little' as babies. And by small I mean 19 lbs at 11 weeks and according to the vet going to be a big boy). But then I feel guilty when I'm trying to get ready for work and he's whining on the floor next to me.

I have to laugh because I'm now eating my eggs cold. My toast is burnt. I'm happy to just have 10 minutes to myself to just go to the bathroom or take a shower. Lunch is in the form of inhalation so I can chase the the pup around outside to get him out of his crate. For those of you who know this avid tea drinker, today marks the day I may have found a coffee/creamer combo I like thanks to the women I work with as I adjust to this new schedule. That of course could just be the delusion talking again.

But we absolutely love this little guy and wouldn't trade him in for the world. He's a great fit in our home, lives, and we're getting just a sampling of what it's like to be parents.

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