Friday, February 1, 2013

The First Night

Homer is officially home and ours! And what a first night it was.
Our first family  photo!

First of all, a big THANK YOU to Puppies and More Rescue of Marlton and Jennifer the foster mom. They are a tremendous organization that accomplishes such great things for these animals. I'm so glad I stumbled across your rescue on Petfinder and we were able to give Homer a forever home!

I said to Jenn on Wednesday night when we picked up Homer that I truly don't know how she's able to be a foster mom. She loves these puppies for a short time while finding them the right homes and then they're off to a new family. She has a gift that is so rare and I applaud her for giving of her time and self so freely. Even though we only met twice and talked on the phone a handful of times, I could tell we had come to the right place to get our dog.

Cuddles with Natalie
Homer was playful in Jenn's home as we signed the paperwork, but he tensed in my arms immediately when we walked out the front door toward my car. Nick drove home while I sat in the backseat with Homer in a box filled with towels and some toys. He didn't make a peep on the way home, but had a runny nose and lots of drool, which seems to be one of his nervous ticks.

Snuggles with Nick
Once we got home Homer was absolutely terrified when I tried to put him on our back step outside. I carried him back in the house and he just stood there shaking. So Nick and I sat on the floor and he immediately wanted to snuggle with us. After warming up with both of us we tried outside again, but it was already getting super windy ahead of the storm so Homer mostly just putzed around and chased shadows in the breeze.

5 am photo - how adorable
We brought him back inside and since the three of us were exhausted it was bed time. The crate was upstairs and assembled, but still had be partitioned for his size. Homer had settled on the floor near bureau, and I sat   working to get the partition into the crate. Hearing the clatter I was making he starts to whine then comes over and crawls onto my lap. Oh yes please let me rip my heart out and just feed it to you on a pu pu platter. No crate for him that first night (don't judge me).

Keeping my feet warm
Onto the bed he goes. Homer slept all night and alternating snuggling between me and Nick. He had no accidents and barely woke other then to adjust his position. It wasn't the puppy that kept me up all night but the storm. Holy cow I was just waiting for our roof to blow off or something to come crashing through it.

Thursday morning he was a little cuddle buddy with Nick.He kept whining and wanting to he held as I was trying to go through my morning routine. He sat by my feet while I ate breakfast, and then sat ON my feet while I stood to do dishes.

Homer ate just fine when I put his food down.
I attempted to make the bed but he just slept on the blankets. Once I got him off the blankets and made the bed, he decided to cuddle with the pillows. I just left him there while I took a shower.

Leaving him in the crate that first morning when I left for work was torture. As we're crate training him I'm going home on my lunch break to feed and let him outside. Really all I want to do is snuggle and cuddle him, but that surely isn't going to pay my bills. So here we are just a couple days in and he's already won our hearts over.

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  1. My face hurts from smiling soooo much reading this blog. I teared up knowing how happy and content that puppy dog is AND knowing he is loved and owned by great people. 5am sleepy shot - priceless