Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Holy cow it's already Easter. Happy Easter to those celebrating! Can't believe it's already the end of March, this year is flying by!

Hi mommy.  
You know what's fun? Having to emergently take your dog to the vet. What's funner is when they prescribe meds to cure said dog of skin condition, and said meds make dog throw up. And vet instructs you to give Pepcid an hour before giving said meds to the pooch to get his tummy ready. Mhmm. Want practice for kids? GET A DOG! 

I was silly enough to think that teething was over but Homer's big back teeth growing in. I thought his nipping was bad before, but now my and Nick's arms look like we escaped a psych ward. Good thing he's ADORABLE. Seriously. But look at this face. I just can't even HANDLE it.

I'm adorable mommy you can't be mad at me
Oh you know you named your dog wrong when he AGAIN breaks our apparently rotting fence and ALMOST gets into our other neighbor's yard (who thankfully is fenced in). I feel like he's like the velociraptors from Jurassic Park and trying to find weaknesses in the fence. He's succeeding.  I'm so grateful we have him enrolled in puppy classes and he's able to come to us on command. That worked while we zip tied the fence together. Guess we know what our tax return $$$ is going on this year....

Oh freak snow storm in March, not cool. Go away winter and get your shit together Spring.

Pretty ladies and baseball!
I ran the Philly 5K last Saturday with my BFF Colleen. This is their third year and my third time running it. They finally have gotten their stuff together between a fun course, swag, and organization. My only complant this year was it was cold. Not much you can do about the weather though! But my official time is 32:47 which is like 3 minutes faster then my usual 5K time. SHUT UP I'm excited about it. I'm only 2 lbs away from my second weight goal, but that will be a whole other post once I get there...

Also kudos to the gentleman who took our photo on the field at Citizens Bank Park for the cool down lap and got NONE of the Phillies field in the background. Colleen and I had a good laugh over that!

You got free tickets to a pre-season game so yesterday we had a girl's day at the Phillies game. We met at Xfinity Live for some food and beverages. It was my first time there, and man what a place that is. If you ever get the chance to come to Philly, def check it out before your game. Lots of food, fun, and a beautiful day in the City of Brotherly Love!

I then came home to visit with the siblings and family (minus Mike, and we missed you!) My chest still hurts from laughing so hard. I'm looking forward to more laughs and fun times today!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Because he's black

I'm going to be a proud mama and brag about my dog a little (lot). Homer is doing GREAT. He's improving socially and learning the basic commands we're teaching him. He's gotten somewhat better about the teething situation. I can already see his big teeth coming in so the end is in sight (hopefully). My little boy is growing up already!

Apparently puppies can have skin conditions just like humans and our little man is suffering from a non-contagious one. Our vet is fantastic and although we probably traumatized Homer with the skin scraping, it looks as though his immune system is already fighting to heal it with a medicated shampoo aiding that along. You know what's fun, having to give a dog a medicated bath and let him sit in the suds for 5 minutes. Longest 5 minutes EVER. Unfortunately though I had to take him to said vet today due to some weird behaviors, but luckily it seems to just be his skin condition bothering him and nothing more. Fingers crossed that by adding some antibiotics and keeping up with the medicated shampoo baths he'll be better in about three weeks time.

We've enrolled him into puppy classes at PetSmart and am thrilled with how he is flourishing.  Homer is learning to interact with other dogs, people, and overall socialization. Our trainer even invited us to come to a bonus class on the weekend so he could interact with more and larger sized dogs as she was impressed with how he is progressing. He did amazingly with dogs both large and small is such a friendly puppy towards strangers.

I however noticed something last week that really stuck out and I'm torn as I see it more and more.

When we were looking at dogs to adopt online, I read this article on PetFinder about Black Dog Syndrome (BDS). It mentioned how shelters tend to be over-populated with black dogs and cats as most people like the cute, white, fluffy dogs to match their perfect picket fence and 2.5 kids (how does that statistic even work?! I digress). But I mean really, do people honestly buy into the big, mean, black dog (and or superstitious cat) situation? I was skeptical.

Nick and I didn't care if our dog was white, black, or purple, we just wanted a puppy that would fit in our home and lifestyle. Sure BDS may be a thing, I thought, but who doesn't just love to pet a cute puppy?!

We fell in love with Homer's little face and the rest is history. But I noticed that when we do take him out, some people are hesitant to pet him. Or they'll cross to the other sidewalk if I'm walking him outside. Is it because he's a black dog? Or are they just not dog people? Or is that their normal route and I'm just looking too much into this?

I hate to generalize everyone this way because there are plenty of people who do just come up to us and readily want to pet him. In my non-scientific research it's 50/50. I had one child walking around the store with his dad look at me, and then at Homer, and back at me which is when I told him it was okay to pet him. The boy hesitantly put his hand forward and then pet Homer on the head. His eyes positively lit up when Homer wagged his tail and allowed him to keep petting him quietly.

But then the stigma really stood out last week at puppy class. Part of the training was to stand by the entrance of the store and ask people who come in to pet the dogs so they can learn to take the attention and not jump up. It was Homer and a little white fluffy Maltese named Marble. It was incredible to see how many people flocked to the small fluffy dog and ignored Homer.  One woman specifically readily crouched down to pet Marble, and only hesitantly pet Homer when he went over to her. You could visibly see on her face she was uncomfortable and she readily admitted to us of being afraid of bigger dogs. Homer obviously could tell she was nervous, didn't jump, and just wagged his tail while she pet him.

I was at a loss for words. I thanked the woman for being kind enough to pet him, but my puppy is by no means big. I mean he's bigger then the other dog in the class, but he's still definitely a puppy. Maybe it's just my perception of big? When I see the hesitation I always encourage the the individual to pet him and tell them that Homer is very friendly. Usually that's all the person needs and they reach down to rub him. But it's amazing to see that nervousness or unsurity when I come down an aisle with my dog.

So needless to say I'm trying to break the black dog stigma and show people that Homer is just a kind and friendly dog. Because honestly, look at him. Look at that little sleepy weepy face and tell me that he's not just a little snugglepuffins you want to just squeeze. Don't worry, I'll do it for you.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Sorry for the picture quality but I was creeping on them
See that person in the bright yellow vest next to the fence? They're running in the road.
I see them every single morning I drive to work.
Literally. 5 days a week.
When it's sunny.
When it's raining.
When it's snowing.
If it's cold.
If it's warm (I'm assuming, we only moved into the house in September).
Either running or power walking down this road in their bright yellow vest.

I have no idea if this person is male or female. I guess I'll find that out as the weather gets warmer.

Talk about dedication. He/she makes no excuses when it comes to their own personal fitness.

I don't think I have that much dedication to anything other then maybe Facebook stalking (whaaaaat?! Just kidding. Or am I...?)

It's just inspiring to see this person out there every single day obviously doing something they enjoy no matter what weather. I decided to use this individual to help motivate myself and get my butt in gear on those mornings when the bed is so warm and comfortable that I just don't want to get up.  Especially because I just have to walk down to the treadmill in my basement. I mean, if he/she can exercise outside in the snow, what's my excuse for not making it to the gosh darn basement?