Saturday, March 9, 2013


Sorry for the picture quality but I was creeping on them
See that person in the bright yellow vest next to the fence? They're running in the road.
I see them every single morning I drive to work.
Literally. 5 days a week.
When it's sunny.
When it's raining.
When it's snowing.
If it's cold.
If it's warm (I'm assuming, we only moved into the house in September).
Either running or power walking down this road in their bright yellow vest.

I have no idea if this person is male or female. I guess I'll find that out as the weather gets warmer.

Talk about dedication. He/she makes no excuses when it comes to their own personal fitness.

I don't think I have that much dedication to anything other then maybe Facebook stalking (whaaaaat?! Just kidding. Or am I...?)

It's just inspiring to see this person out there every single day obviously doing something they enjoy no matter what weather. I decided to use this individual to help motivate myself and get my butt in gear on those mornings when the bed is so warm and comfortable that I just don't want to get up.  Especially because I just have to walk down to the treadmill in my basement. I mean, if he/she can exercise outside in the snow, what's my excuse for not making it to the gosh darn basement?

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  1. I used to see people like this in my old neighborhood and it would make me want to go run to show them, hey I can do this too. Or sometimes I would just hate them.