Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Holy cow it's already Easter. Happy Easter to those celebrating! Can't believe it's already the end of March, this year is flying by!

Hi mommy.  
You know what's fun? Having to emergently take your dog to the vet. What's funner is when they prescribe meds to cure said dog of skin condition, and said meds make dog throw up. And vet instructs you to give Pepcid an hour before giving said meds to the pooch to get his tummy ready. Mhmm. Want practice for kids? GET A DOG! 

I was silly enough to think that teething was over but Homer's big back teeth growing in. I thought his nipping was bad before, but now my and Nick's arms look like we escaped a psych ward. Good thing he's ADORABLE. Seriously. But look at this face. I just can't even HANDLE it.

I'm adorable mommy you can't be mad at me
Oh you know you named your dog wrong when he AGAIN breaks our apparently rotting fence and ALMOST gets into our other neighbor's yard (who thankfully is fenced in). I feel like he's like the velociraptors from Jurassic Park and trying to find weaknesses in the fence. He's succeeding.  I'm so grateful we have him enrolled in puppy classes and he's able to come to us on command. That worked while we zip tied the fence together. Guess we know what our tax return $$$ is going on this year....

Oh freak snow storm in March, not cool. Go away winter and get your shit together Spring.

Pretty ladies and baseball!
I ran the Philly 5K last Saturday with my BFF Colleen. This is their third year and my third time running it. They finally have gotten their stuff together between a fun course, swag, and organization. My only complant this year was it was cold. Not much you can do about the weather though! But my official time is 32:47 which is like 3 minutes faster then my usual 5K time. SHUT UP I'm excited about it. I'm only 2 lbs away from my second weight goal, but that will be a whole other post once I get there...

Also kudos to the gentleman who took our photo on the field at Citizens Bank Park for the cool down lap and got NONE of the Phillies field in the background. Colleen and I had a good laugh over that!

You got free tickets to a pre-season game so yesterday we had a girl's day at the Phillies game. We met at Xfinity Live for some food and beverages. It was my first time there, and man what a place that is. If you ever get the chance to come to Philly, def check it out before your game. Lots of food, fun, and a beautiful day in the City of Brotherly Love!

I then came home to visit with the siblings and family (minus Mike, and we missed you!) My chest still hurts from laughing so hard. I'm looking forward to more laughs and fun times today!

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