Sunday, May 5, 2013


Today was the Broad Street Run. Congrats to all those that participated! You had such a gorgeous race day!

I'm not going to lie, my mom and I were sitting at dinner Friday night both saying how disappointed we are to not have been running the race this year. And as I saw everyone's posts and photos from today, it only confirmed that feeling.

I personally didn't sign up this year for two reasons:
1. I was leery of the lottery selection and afraid I wouldn't get it (my luck is bad at best)
2. I wasn't physically ready for a 10 mile race

As I've posted before, earlier this year was a wake up call for me to get healthy. And since January I've made it my mission to, and luckily, I have succeeded. I'm 20 pounds down and counting.

So as my mom and I were talking, we decided we are DEFINITELY signing up for Broad Street next year. It's such a fun race and why not participate in something we enjoy?

With the weight loss progress I've made now is the time that I CAN start training to improve my time, which is what I keep reminding myself. I'm already signed up for the Tour de Shore so I can start working on my biking time to keep up with Terri for our ride in July (Lord that woman can PEDAL). I was hoping to run a half marathon in October but with all the weddings I'm attending I just don't think it will work in my schedule this year.

Either way, even if it doesn't happen this year, I'll get there. I'm determined to make the rest of my life a healthy one. I just need to take it one step at a time.

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