Saturday, July 27, 2013

Exercise please!

Alright, truth time. I have been so slacking on my fitness. Wah wah.

All smiles pre-run!

Life has been is crazy. Between work and the house and   traveling and summer plans and the puppy, it's nuts! That's   no excuse I know, but it's the one I'm using to justify myself until tomorrow.

The last run I did was a 5K over a month ago for Special   Olympics. It was however my second best timed 5K on   that Tuesday morning. My motivation? BACON. No   seriously, it's literally the worlds BEST buffet breakfast ever after the run, and I wanted bacon so badly I could taste it.   Okay, so maybe it's all in my head after an exhausting run   following days of booze and a conference, but if it made me run faster then it worked! As always the breakfast was as   mouth watering-ly delicious and everything I ever hoped for, with extra bacon as a reward.

I am signed up for the Tour de Shore tomorrow and have done *minimal* bike riding. And by minimal biking I mean cramming a ride in at least daily of some mileage to make up for my lack of training. Hell I didn't even get a bike tire pump until the end of June. We were spoiled before when we lived in H-town and would just use my parents air compressor to fill our tires when they got low. Slow clap for me for finally getting in the game. 

I've just decided to go out tomorrow and have fun. It's my third year doing the ride so I pretty much know what to expect at this point (famous last words) and feel as though  I'll be fine for the 65 mile trek (hashtag, lies I tell myself). It's surprisingly hilly where I moved which is made my training, although shorter, much more intense.  I know I can do it even with only a month's worth of training because I've been working hard since January to improve my overall fitness. Even with my past months slacking I've been able to maintain my weight loss, and that's a hell of a lot better then gaining!

Kristen (the lovely lady in the photo above) talked me into doing the Rock n'Roll Half Marathon in Philly September 15th. Which is great because it will force me to train and get off my lazy butt. I'm going to recover from my ride this week and jump straight into running again. In August. So does anyone have a great 6 week crash course for Half Marathon Training? Because obviously I'm taking crazy pills.

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