Monday, July 8, 2013

Washington DC Trip

All the way back in April I had the privilege of going to Washington DC with an association I'm a part of for the Federal Legislative Summit. We got the opportunity to meet with members of Congress to present our issues and you don't really care so I'm not going to bore you with details.

Instead I'll give you some of the (ridiculously fun) highlights:
I drove to Washington as it's only about 3 hours from home and I'm used to rides longer then that as my husband and I did that every other weekend to upstate NY while we were dating.
While driving in I see what I 'think' is a large gaggle of geese flying in a V formation. When I look to my right however IT'S A HUGE AIRPLANE FLYING OVER THE HIGHWAY as apparently, the hotel I'm approaching (and staying at) is next door to the airport.  I mean sure I'm used low flying planes living so close to Philly, but I didn't realize my proximity to the airport at that point and needless to say it took me by surprise.

We got to have dinner at this amazing restaurant called Capital Grill. I know, there's one right here in Cherry Hill but I don't make that kind of dough, OKAY?! Five words: Blue-Cheese Stuffed Olive Dirty Martini (is that six? who cares!) Lip smacking good. Also the funniest were the three of us from the group trying to order different levels of dirty martini's at the bar. The bartender just looks at us, goes First, Second, and Third base? I raised my hand to third because I love my martini's extra dirty. Best explanation of how dirty you want your martini I've heard YET.

Anyway, we had the most ridiculous taxi ride there but the most exciting was when we took a  limo back to the hotel. I promised I wouldn't post photos as to ruin anyone's crystal clear reputation. Yes my friends we had a LIMO driver with down time stop and drive our thoroughly stuffed selves back to the hotel. It was AWESOME yet random experience.

The next morning was our meetings with Congress. I was innocently making my way down the hallway to find the ladies room before we departed for the Capital, and there were staff taking video interviews of our thoughts being at the Federal Summit. I have to laugh because they asked me to say a few words as I was walking by and I, of course, happily obliged to give an interview. It's amazing how many times on-camera opportunities have come into my life since graduating with my Communications degree even though I'm not working in the 'communications' field. The staff was grateful and impressed with my interview. I told them I'd sign autographs later.

The Cherry Blossoms were in full bloom and really are quite beautiful. The last group I was assigned to had the opportunity to meet with our Congressman IN a private meeting room within the Capital Building right before he went to speak on the Floor. It incredible to have that opportunity and get a behind the scenes look at our government's buildings. The nerd in me was geeking out in a big way, and I'm not even that political.

You know what's the best way to top off a trip?! Being stuck in traffic and it taking 4 hours to get home after a long day. Mhmm, but I wouldn't have changed any of it for the world, except maybe taking a train I could sleep on my way home. But I was extremely grateful for the bag of snacks they gave us to get through the day!

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