Sunday, August 18, 2013

Accident prone

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, but two weeks ago I had one hell of a 24 hour period. Cracking my tooth, falling and scraping myself up on my run, AND getting a nail in my tire/flat tire all within 24 hours has got to be some kind of new record for testing one's patience.

I have one lonely cavity metal filling in my mouth from ages ago. One. Years of braces and retainers have taught me to keep up with my dental situation because I do NOT want to repeat any of those scenarios again. My tooth crack isn't even a good story. You know how you feel like something is caught in your tooth and you run your tongue over it? Apparently I have the same super strength tongue as the Hulk because boop, off popped a piece of that cavity filled tooth. That was Monday night.

Leg modeling is not in my future.
Tuesday morning I was supposed to just go on a simple 2 mile run since I have lots of time limited time to train for this half marathon. It was a picture perfect morning; super cool for August and early enough that it wasn't too sunny. I ran my first mile at my race pace. And then about another quarter mile up I rolled over on my ankle, couldn't catch myself, fell, and scraped my knees. Luckily I was rounding my block so didn't have to hobble too far home. Now I'm 27 going on 5. Who scrapes their knees at this age?! I'm a hot mess.

I was truly FINE. I wore an ankle brace the next couple days just to minimize swelling and stabilize my ankle. My knees were the worst and even those were nothing that band-aids and neosporin couldn't cure.

That same day I was coming home from work and had to get ready for a dinner party as we were having a couple friends of ours over. I pull into my garage, get out of my car, and hear a hissing sound. Loud hissing like air coming out of the tire. I check my back tire and there's a huge nail sticking out of it. Great. Now I need to deal with my tire on top of getting my food ready for the guests showing up in a hour. Just fantastic.

But, as I said I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, so even though I *almost* had a mini melt down in my kitchen, here's the positive aspect of these three events:

1. By chipping my tooth I had to have the filling replaced. My dentist was able to see me that following day and I was given the choice to have it fixed with the tooth colored filling instead of the ugly metal, which I have been wanting to do for quite some time. Of course, I haven't gotten my co-pay yet so maybe this won't be all that great. We'll see.

2. Even though this isn't close to being scientifically true, apparently my body needed a break and I subconsciously hurt myself. I went right from my 65 mile Tour de Shore Training into Half Marathon Training. By twisting my ankle I was forced to take a break, even if it was only for 4 days. Thanks to wearing the brace I was able to go right back on my running schedule that following Sunday and have been going ever since. Giddy up, exactly 4 weeks from today is the race!

3. At least I discovered my flat tire in the evening, instead of the following morning when I had to be somewhere at a specific time. I have free roadside with my vehicle lease so I just called and they sent someone out to put on my spare for me leaving me able to entertain my guests. I was able to get the tire plugged at a local shop and didn't have to purchase a new one.

Everything turned out just fine in the end and they say bad things only happen in threes. So I'm all set for at least the next month...I hope.

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