Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My apology to coffee

Mug Shot
My dearest, sweetest, newest friend,

I must apologize to you coffee. I used to be such a hater. How I managed to get through 27 years without drinking the amazing liquid that you are is completely beyond me.

Okay well I know how I avoided you; my parent's aren't coffee drinkers and thus, although I got to enjoy your sweet aroma while around my grandparents, I still couldn't cross the threshold of drinking you.

As I got older and tried you on different occasions I always felt you were too bitter.  I had no idea that I was the bitter one. No amount of cream and sugar could sweeten you up for me. I swore allegiance to my tea and would not come over to your dark side.

That all changed when we got our puppy. Ah yes, the little darling he is had me up at 4:30 am, 7 days a week when he first arrived. I had to start my day at 4:30 am, work until 5:00 pm, then do household chores, squeeze in a workout, and partake in general adult actives with friends. It was a gloomy time.

I needed something to keep me going; my beloved tea just wasn't doing the job. So I finally gave in and tried you again coffee.

And you were delicious.
Such sweet nectar of the gods that keeps me going whether it's my first cup at 7 am or my third second at 3 pm.

Now I must say I feel I'm addicted to you coffee. In all your shapes and forms. Whether it's from the Kuerig or a pot, crappy diner coffee or lattes from an overpriced shop, I no longer discriminate.

So once again coffee, I'm sorry I've hated you all these years.
I hope you can accept my apology and allow me to have you in my life daily, to make up for lost time.

Lots of Love,

P.S. Tea, don't you worry. You'll still be my relaxing, night time beverage of choice as the evenings continue to get cooler!

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