Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Doctor Time

It has been a zillion years since I've been to a general doctor. That stems from the fact that I am lucky enough to rarely get sick. Mostly though it's because my mom is a nurse which means I was raised that unless I'm bleeding to the point that a band-aid can't fix me or I have an appendage hanging off me, I really don't need the doctor and something over the counter will do.

But unfortunately I'm getting older. I have a family history of herediatry health problems that even the healthiest members cannot escape the gene pool infiltration. So in the necessity of preventative medicine I wanted to get a baseline with a practice and go from there.

Everything looked great in my checkup including my blood pressure which I've managed to lower extraordinarily since the last time I gave blood in March. Simple diet and exercise were my trick! Except that I've gained back 7 of those 20 pounds I lost. I'm pretty sure the doctor's scale is miscalculated because that's not what my at home scale said this morning (hashtag, lies I tell myself). But it's OKAY because I'm back on the straight and narrow to eating healthy, goals for weight loss, and exercising hard core. Weight lifting is your friend ladies!! 

The main problem I am having which caused me to finally call the doctor is that I've been experiencing chest tightness when I get stressed. This only happens a few times a month and usually just at work, so not nearly enough to be medicated. My doctor ordered an EKG to be safe. Have you ever seen the Matrix? That's what I felt like being hooked up to all the moduals. I don't think the nurse appreciated my sci-fi reference. I'm  hilarious people get with it!!
(Sidenote: have you seen how they take your temperature now?! It's some magical little wand they swipe over your forehead and voila! Body temperature! I was geeking out).

The results found a possible irregularity so I'm being sent to a cardiologist. This is a precautionary measure at most and I was advised not to worry. I'm with their conclusion in that I'd rather be safe and a cardiologist tell me it's nothing, my doctor is just a crazy lady then sorry if it's something serious that should have been treated immediately once discovered. 

Since I could only remember part of the phrase of the condition I may possibly have, I, being a good psychopath patient and wanting the most accurate information, Googled piecemeal wording until I found the full term I remember her saying.

Apparently it's "possibly" Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome, and the little dip they show on the Wiki page is definitely what is on my EKG printout. (OBVIOUSLY, BECAUSE WIKIPEDIA IS SO ACCURATE).

So excuse me while I go WEBMD the heck out of this and make up all kinds of problems I don't really have and cry over the hypothetical solutions.

Being an adult is awesome. 

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