Saturday, December 21, 2013

2014 Goals

Go home winter you are drunk! Here it is the first day of winter and I ran outside in capris and a t-shirt...and was HOT. Winter get your butt back here I have some serious goals to obtain, and I run better in the cold!

It may not be Christmas yet but I've got new running shoes burning a hole under my tree on my list for Santa to bring and resolutions burning a hole in my conscious.

Last year I made the Resolution to lower my blood pressure and lose some weight. I'm happy to report that I have lowered my blood pressure to normal levels through diet and exercise and lost 20 pounds overall. So what if  I had a minor heart problem that required surgery?! That was biological and essentially out of my control (thanks mom and dad! I'm kidding, but seriously.)

I'm pretty proud of myself considering it's not been the easiest of years. Our first year being homeowners, then rescuing our puppy Homer, on top of normal everyday stressors and curve balls life throws our way. But I'm glad that I was able to still achieve what I set out to do.

So in the spirit of the rapidly approaching New Year, I've started planning my goals for next year. I am resolute to continue trying to lose weight and tone up, but I'm really going to focus on improving my running race times this year. Both of these resolutions go hand in hand.

Smiling as I saw my BFF Colleen on the sidelines. Half
marathons are so much fun #LiesITellMyself
As of this morning, I've signed up for the Philly Hot Chocolate 15K on April 6th. Stop rolling your eyes at me 9.3 miles DESERVES a bowl of melted chocolate and dippies at the end.
If they're keeping the lottery system I'm hoping to be lucky enough to get into the Broad Street 10 Miler on May 4th.

After those distance races I've got to get my butt in gear for the Special Olympics Fun Run in June. It's only a 5K but I have to get my time under 30 minutes to beat NY YIP's as one of our fastest runners had to go get pregnant and is due the end of May thus won't be running (kidding, I'm so excited for her and her hubby. I can't wait to meet baby 'S'). So I have about 6 weeks and a training schedule already printed to follow as my time will likely be counting towards the final tally this year.

The end of July will bring the Tour de Shore bike ride. I'll definitely be using my bike to cross train throughout these months, so I can pick it up more in June.

My ultimate goal for 2014 is to run a sub 2:30 half marathon. Yes, I'm a slow runner and my halves time average from best 2:39 to worst 2:48. I'm not sure which half marathon I'll run but I know there are a bunch between Philly and Atlantic City in October/November so I'll decide as I see how the training is progressing.

For now I'll enjoy the Holiday Spirits by pushing my body to the brink of alcoholism and diabetes (thank you someecards) guilt free until January 3rd.

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