Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Spirit

I will admit I've not whole heartily been in this holiday spirit. Sure my house is decorated inside and out. We had our second annual Ugly Sweater Party last weekend which was a blast. Our tree is up and lit. Tonight we're having an informal work Christmas party with some of Nick's fellow co-workers. Next week we're having a Christmas pot luck at my work. Doggie's Christmas CD is loaded on my phone and on repeat.

But I still haven't ordered any presents with only 11 days to go. In fact that's what I should be doing right now, but I've been avoiding it. Stress with work, running around to meetings, finances, doctor visits, vet visits, life worries; it's just all weighing on me.

However as I was cleaning my upstairs bathroom earlier, everything changed. Our master bedroom is at the front of our house, and the master bath has windows that look out onto the street. We are located toward the end of our development, with a side road leading to one final loop of houses and that being the only way in and out of the loop.

I had just completed scrubbing the shower when I heard sirens. In a panic as I hadn't heard a crash or anything I ran to our hallway which looks out of a large, second story window, just in time to see a cop car go by with it's lights on and Santa following behind him pulled by the fire department on his sleigh. How cool that our township does that I thought, as they turned down the access road to the small loop of homes behind us.

I knew that they'd have to come back around the access road to get back on the main strip, so I went back into the bathroom for a better view.

As I heard the sirens nearing again, I saw a vehicle stop at the stop sign. Into park it was thrown at the sign and a woman ran out, around front to the other side of her car, and grabbed her little boy out of his car seat. They stood by the front of the vehicle as the cop car slowed in order for the boy to see Santa. The boy waved and smiled as Santa waved back, and I could almost hear the exclamation of "Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas!" over the sirens.

And just like the Grinch my heart grew three sizes too big, as I watched the joy on this little guy's face. Here was a mom, who was likely just on her routine way to do errands, probably counting her blessings that she could share this moment with her son.

I may have shed a few tears as I realized I could have been anywhere in my house, but only in this bathroom could I have witnessed the joy of innocence at this Christmas time. Santa must have known I needed a pick me up like that to get me into the Christmas Spirit.

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