Thursday, January 9, 2014

Multi-tasking Runner

The goods.
This week officially started the workout regimen for my 2014 goals. And by regimen I mean running my little heart out and some upper body lifting to start. I'm using a free, 16 week, 10K training program off my RunKeeper App. I figured this was perfect for me as it has a prearranged running schedule and forces me to log my workouts to keep me accountable. All the while preparing me for the 15K I signed up for the beginning of April and taking me right up to (hopefully) Broad Street in May.

For my birthday Nick got me new running shoes AND a Garmin which I'm super stoked to have gotten. I was hoping to get the watch for two reasons:
1. Doing intervals and monitoring speed is easy on a treadmill. Running outside I'd use the Run Keeper App through my phone which I wear on an arm band to track mileage and pace. However I can't continually monitor my time/pace since it only updates me at the completion of a mile and I can't see the screen. The training program I'm using incorporates sprint workouts and specific timed runs. Thus the watch makes my life so much easier to stay consistent in my training.
2. Since I had heart surgery and was fully cured/cleared, it's probably a prudent idea to track my heart rate when I exercise. So now I'll get to wear a heart monitor strapped to my chest that will be recording for ya know, emergencies or freak heart issues.

Because of the weather (oh hey Antarctica, didn't realized I moved to you!) I've been on the treadmill in the basement this week. I love my treadmill for interval work outs but for steady running I'm good for about 2 miles before I hate my life. At least running steadily outside I'm planning my route, trying to not get hit by cars, and have a kick ass playlist to keep me moving. In my basement I'm thinking of all the excuses to jump off and just do something else more inviting like snuggle my dog.

On a sort of unrelated note I decided I was watching too much Netflix and not doing enough reading as of the end of last year (Sons Of Anarchy WTF! WHY IS SEASON 6 NOT ON THERE YET?!) So I've also made it my resolution to read before bed instead of watching an entire series an episode. This was solidified when a co-worker lent me Stephen King's "Doctor Sleep" since I just finished "The Shining".  It took me all of 3 months to read that because  I discovered Netflix in the interim (even though we've had it for the whole time I've known Nick but I'm just capitalizing on it now. YOU GUYS, SO MANY SHOWS I NEED TO WATCH). I absolutely cannot take that long to return the book to her. Plus I got 10 books for Christmas. Ontop of my what I've already downloaded to my Kindle.  My nerdom is showing.

Fresh kicks.
This morning as I drug my toasty, half asleep self down to the chilly basement and was dreading my 3 miler on the treadmill I thought, why not try to watch Netflix while I run? I can't read on there, but I can watch it right from the app on my Kindle, have headphones plugged in so can hear everything clearly, and am distracted by the plot lines.

AND IT WORKED! My three miles flew by, I caught up on another episode of Orange is the New Black, and I get to read before bed tonight. Now I can feel less guilty about watching so many shows since I'm working out WHILE watching them and still getting my daily reading time in.

Multi-tasking at its finest my friends.

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