Thursday, April 17, 2014

Life Updating

Well it's been ages since I posted being as life has been crazy and this relentless winter has been incredibly depressing. Winter is officially that ex that keeps showing up to remind you like hey, I'm still around and you like me right? making it weird because you've already moved on to spring. GET IT TOGETHER WINTER YOU AREN'T WANTED HERE ANY MORE.

But things have been happening so I'm trying to play catch up.

First things first, my running training fell off the deep end the end of February and pretty much all of March. And we're halfway through April so what training? I'm ignoring you Runkeeper push notifications on my phone. It's snowing again and I don't want to deal with the treadmill, AGAIN. Gosh this bed is comfy. I'll be fiiiiiiine for the hot chocolate run in April, I'll run while I"m on vacation (#LOL). But more on that later.

I had the annoyance privilege of reporting for jury duty in mid March. I thought I was going to have the best and most epic blog to write after that experience. I was so wrong. Or lucky. However you want to look at it.

I was first summoned for jury duty back in September but was able to be excused as I was running a half marathon which was non-refundable (just in case anyone ever tells you running doesn't get you out of anything) the day before and had a friend staying with me from out of town. They excused me and said I would be summoned again in March.

That mid-March Monday I didn't have to report, but Tuesday, I must report. I packed my lunch the night before, labeled it in a clear bag, changed purses because lord knows how many safety pins I have in there to be setting off all kinds of alarms. Had a fretful sleep because I've never done this before and what if I do everything wrong? Wake up and run 4 miles on the tready tread (okay so some of my training was still happening BUT STILL)

Long story short I still managed to set off the metal detector and had to have a romantic wand screening at the court house. There were two judges that day, the group split in half by the magical computer, and the first group left to be interrogated start their jury selection. I was in the second, and they eventually came back in and said you're dismissed, the judge no longer needs to pick a jury. They told us to check back tomorrow just in case, but it's likely we won't have to report again. We didn't, so I'm good for another 3 years. Allegedly.

The following week in March I got to participate in lobbying in Washington DC with the professional organization our office is an active member of. It was my second time going down, and this year I took the train into DC instead of driving which was the most epic decision ever because 1. there is no traffic and 2. an hour and a half of time to read! Unbeknownst to me I booked the same arriving and departing train as a fellow board member so I had a travel buddy which was fun. Our briefing meetings were informative and incredibly helpful as always. Cocktail hour and dinner were a great time to socialize and have some fun.

The next morning I did manage to set off the metal detector going into the Capital due to my abs of steel (#LiesItellMyself SHUT UP). I had to take off my shoes and told them this is just like the airport but they were not amused. All was going quite well until myself and the gentleman I was lobbying with (aka guy who's been doing this for a bazillion years so I can just sit there and nod my head in agreement as he pontificates about our issues) realized our two meetings for the day were only a half hour apart and in two different government buildings.  He left me to to meet with the Congressman alone so he could at least be in the waiting room for our next meeting.

UM, INSERT PANIC MODE. Literally following thoughts cross my mind as I started sweating in my suit since this is only my second time lobbying (thanks Jenn/tumblr/pinterest):

THANK GOD one of the lawyers on staff arrived as he was scheduled to be with the two of us (unbeknownst to me)  and saved me from looking like a complete blabbering deer in headlights. In keeping with my epic adult facade when we met with the Congressman the first thing we talked about were puppies because EVERYONE LOVES PUPPIES. Alright, he had pictures in his office of dogs and sometimes I'm actually quite observant and it worked because he totally opened up to us and was showing us photos of his dogs on his phone. Obviously we talked about our causes as well, but mostly puppies. I regret nothing.

I was super disappointed that at our next meeting we didn't get to meet with the Congressman who is a former Eagles player because I totally wanted to do the E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES! chat with him and then promptly be thrown out by security. It would have been totally worth it.

Vacation followed the next week which was awesome and if you follow me on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram you know I was drunk the whole time enjoying some R&R. Mostly the sleeping. Because let's face it we're much too pale to spend too much time in the sun. And reading. I finally read the first Game of Thrones novel so only 4 more to go (thanks for the spoiler alert about Joffrey this week NICK).

Me, happy I didn't die after 9.3 miles
You know what's not fun to do, fly home then run a race. UNLESS THAT RACE ENDS WITH A BOWL OF MELTED CHOCOLATE AND DIPPIES.  Colleen and I had signed up for the 15K Hot Chocolate Run in Philly back in January because we're over achievers. I mean we had planned on training and then life/snow/winter/more snow/polar vortex/OH MY GOD SO MUCH SNOW happened and the training just didn't. Or we're lazy, WHATEVS.

We were immediately regretting our decision and wishing we had signed up for the 5K until we got there. We actually did okay all things considered. Alright, I did okay, she was kind enough to stay with me the entire run because she usually beats me by a zillion minutes. The bowl of melted chocolate was everything you could ever want. Then I got mad because I love chocolate, and running is torture fun, so why didn't I think of this race a be a thousandaire or something?! Sigh.

Our other regret is not bringing a small bottle of vodka to spike our hot chocolate with because, priorities.
Colleen, looking like a model after 9.3 miles

So in summary: winter is a jerkface, everyone loves talking about puppies, metal detectors hate me, and hot chocolate is the best thing ever after a cold run.

Rapidly approaching in just over two weeks are one of my best friend's wedding, Broad Street, and then another month to get my 5K time under 30 minutes. But I have word from a reliable source that the tiki bar has draft beer again for the season so see ya never!

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