Saturday, January 31, 2015

Teeth Torture

Friday I had my six month dentist appointment because my parents didn't spend thousands of dollars on braces for me just to have me mess my teeth up later in life. My gums on the top, front of my mouth have been red and inflamed for at least my past 4 visits to my dentist. They've brought it up every time I go and I always explain I breathe through my mouth at night and when I excerise and basically always because I'm a (somewhat normal) human being.

At this appointment the inflamation was brought up once again after my cleared x-rays, dental cleaning, and explaining that I've been following all their recommendations of stimulation pick sticks, flossing, and gentle brushing.

So when my dentist came in for my final exam this conversation occurred:

Dentist: I'm concerned about the redness of the gums and how it's not improving. Have you ever seen a gum specialist?
Me: Well no because I didn't even know they existed. Can you recommend someone?
Dentist: Yes we have one here. *picks up super pointy looking tool* I'm going to try not to hurt you

LIKE ANYONE EVER WANTS THE PHRASE "I'M GOING TO TRY NOT TO HURT YOU" SAID TO THEM IN ANY SITUATION EVER. He proceeds to take that super pointy pick and run it along my gum line and then across the super reddened parts of my gum.
It fucking hurt and in an attempt not to cry I imagined sticking that tool in his eye. Repeatedly.

Needless to say I have an appointment with the gum specialist this coming Wednesday. Is taking 4 shots of vodka before a dentist appointment frowned upon?

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