Friday, February 20, 2015

Twitter Followers

Again with the resolutions Natalie, will you please STFU already? The short answer to that is no, so stop reading if you're sick of hearing about them. This year I resolved to not be on social media so much because I'm addicted. And it's going okay terribly I'M WORKING ON IT. But I mean is twitter reaaaaaaaaaally social media? Because it's just my stream of conscious or random musings or movie references or WHATEVER just go with it.

And then I get the most random followers sometimes besides all the professional people from my job. Which by the way if you're reading this I'm sorry in advance but you're following my personal twitter account and my life is a hot mess and I absolutely just pretend that I'm actually a professional, put together woman at all the meetings so let's all just go with that since you all seem to like me thus far.

First and foremost, The Bloggess is one of my favorite bloggers and I just finished reading her book. I tweeted about it and then she followed me on twitter. 
Actual conversation with Nick:
Nick: *pause* and that is...?
Me: The lady who's book I'm reading right now.
Nick: The one that you laugh like a crazy person while reading in bed?
Me: Yes that one! But you bought it for me for Christmas so it's your fault. ALSO I LOVE HER. WE'D BE BEST WEIRD FRIENDS TOGETHER.
Nick: *starts checking phone* mhmm

Then  I get this notification. Look, I'm not naive and know that famous people's agents interns someone else other than themselves are running their social media accounts. And to be 100% honest I loved Taye Diggs on Private Practice, but being that I don't already follow him on Twitter I get really weirded out when someone like this follows me because I'm all "HOW DID YOU FIND ME?! What did I tweet to deserve this?"

And then this: 

Goes without saying. Or they found my Goodreads account and saw my recent 'want to read' updates. Creep status times one zillion.

Can't talk about this one because first rule of fight club and all. Crap, I'm probably going to get beat up for just posting this.

But the complete topper is that I registered to go see my favorite author when she comes to Philadelphia in May, tweeted about it, then:

*Drops mic, walks away.*
So done you guys. SO. DONE. 

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