Sunday, March 15, 2015

We're breaking up

Scale, I will continue to use you to make sure I'm still on track, but we're breaking up. It's not you, it's me, and I'm making so much more progress than the number you spit back at me. 

Because 4:40 am is entirely too early for an alarm to go off.
But I've been dragging myself out of bed at that time 5 days a week for the past 11 weeks to get to the gym.
I'm tracking everything I consume; good, bad, and ugly, on top of logging the workouts I complete and calories I'm burning.

I'm just ounces from my first goal of losing 10 pounds, but the 'weight loss' is going much slower then I had anticipated. I was aiming for 5 pound a month, and hoping to be closer to the 15+ pound mark by now.

But I'm down over 9 inches overall for my body. I'm fitting into pants and clothing that I haven't been able to in months.

I'm getting stronger and am lifting the heaviest weights I can remember. My endurance is increasing and my instructors are noticing my improvements.

This morning I had the best 3+ mile run in month. A day that had literally breath taking wind blowing against me on both my first and final half mile, and it's still my best time to date.

Slow and steady seems to be winning, and I'm just going to keep this pace.

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