Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Book vs Movie

I'm an on-the-fence person when it comes to watching book to movie adaptations. In my humble opinion, the book is always 50 bazillion times better than the movie because the book can provide so much more detail. Plus my imagination is incredible thanks to my favorite past time of reading.

Some movie/book adaptations I loved or at least felt they did the book(s) justice: Harry Potter, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Silence of the Lambs, Gone Girl, Hunger Games, The Help.

Some of these conversions I wasn't a huge fan of:  Twilight series, The Da Vinci Code, World War Z, and will say it I downright hated the Silver Linings Playbook movie.

Some I'm nervous to see so I've been putting their viewings off: The Giver because it's one of my favorite books but I don't think I can handle if it's ruined. Same with The Book Thief. I flat out refuse to see Marley and Me and The Fault in our Stars because I still cry every time I watch The Notebook and I already know how these end....ALL THE TEARS.

Some of my favorites have even been turned into TV Shows: The Sookie Stackhouse novels for HBO's True Blood which I thoroughly enjoyed for at least the first 4 of 7 seasons and then just for the eye candy for the remaining. They're allegedly turning my latest favorites the "All Souls Trilogy" by Deborah Harkness into a BBC program which I'm hopeful for. I don't think I've met a BBC show I haven't liked after finishing Sherlock, Luther, The Fall and currently have Doctor Who on my watch list.

Since it's the book that everyone is still talking about with hushed voices even though the movie was selling out well before it's opening on Valentine's Day, I would like to put this novel in the category that I did not see this movie in the theaters because I already knew no good could come of it unless it was rated NC-17, which we all knew no movie company would do in their right minds because they needed to tame it down for the masses. (Sidenote that Queen Bey remake of "Crazy in Love"... Get it giiiirl)

Which thus led up to our conversation last night:

Nick: Hey, Do you want me to order Fifty Shades for you? It comes out this week.

Me: No I already have it.

Nick: What?

Me: No. I have it.

Nick: Your brother got you the download?

Me: No, I bought it.

Nick: So it's ordered and showing up on our doorstep on Friday?

Me: No the digital download is already available on iTunes so I downloaded it on my laptop.

Nick: Over the weekend? The unrated version?

Me: Yes, it's terrible. I've only made it through 45 minutes and I can't stop LAUGHING. It's painfully bad and well worth the $15 just for the hilarity of it.

Nick: Well yeah, I figured.

Bonus points for asking if he should purchase it for me since he knows the exact contents of my kindle.
Who's with me for more terrible movies and Magic Mike XXL July 1st?!


  1. You are hilarious! And you should watch The Giver. It's different, but not disappointing. I thought it was a beautiful adaptation. Of course, I always approach movies expecting to be disappointed and that helps. :)

    1. Thanks my love! I trust your recommendation and will have to check it out, especially since my boyfriend Alex Skarsgard is in it ;)