Sunday, February 4, 2018

Fabulous Single Girl

While most people do Dry January to jumpstart their resolutions, I decided to do a different take on that. In fact my resolution, if you even want to call it one, was to be on zero dating websites. Yes I realize there are all the puns here, but my parents read this (I think) so I'll keep it clean. I didn't renew my Match membership, hadn't gone back on Bumble/Tinder/Plenty Of Fish. Didn't try any of the new advertised sites, The League, Inner Circle, Elite Singles that come up on my Instagram feed as sponsored posts. I went the entire month of January talking to no new men. It was GLORIOUS, albeit lonely.

It actually wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. The hardest part was constantly checking my phone, out of habit, for messages that obviously weren't there. About halfway through the month that habit faded, and now I'm lucky if I even know where my phone is at any given time (likely still in my coat pocket after the millionth walk with Homer).

What have I accomplished with all this free time? I've finished 2 cross stitches and am well onto my third. I got caught up so many movies and shows recommended to me from friends and co-workers (which by the way, if you're not watching The Good Place you don't know what the fork you're missing!) I finished the almost 600 page book that I started in December along with a second book, thus am already well on my way to actually completing my goal of reading 25 books this year (yes, #nerdalert).

I continue to make my apartment feel like home and built a book shelf I ordered online, as well as finally hanging curtains and pictures I've had since I moved in. I've gone to the gym every weekday morning, continuing to increase my weight lifting numbers and decreasing my pant size.

Most importantly I've also decided that I'm going to stop hash tagging posts or referring to things I do as "sad single girl". It's now going to be "fabulous single girl." Because that's precisely what I am.
Because trying to date is exhausting and frankly I can make better use of my time. Because sitting at home and having no plans on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday means I'll figure it out as the weekend comes. Last minute plans have always, and continue to be, so much fun.

Now that January is over, will I get back on dating sites? Will I work up the nerve to talk to that cute guy at the gym? Will I be vacationing in Europe? Who could know. Which is probably why, every time I leave work, my coworkers tell me to stay out of trouble. That, I tell them, I absolutely cannot promise...

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